A Love of Writing

Hey y’all! I’m Cindy. Christian. Wife. Momma. GiGi. Retired elementary school teacher. And now or again…WRITER!

There was a time when I wrote for fun regularly. Whether it was in a journal, for a blog/FB group post, or to help my students learn how fun writing could be, I enjoyed the act of writing. Putting my thoughts in print came easily to me. But just like most things in life, I found myself caught up in other adventures and stopped writing regularly.

Recently during a devotional about being thankful (specifically for gifts God has given us), I was reminded of a phrase my mother often said to me growing up. “Use it or lose it!” I thought about many things God had gifted to me over the years that I either stopped altogether or rarely enjoyed anymore. Playing the flute…calligraphy…singing…drawing…encouraging…writing…teaching…I’m sure there are many more. Some of those are long gone, like playing the flute. I’m sure I could get it back, but it would take a lot of work to do something that I’m not really passionate about anymore. Those last three, however, struck a nerve with me.

And so it begins…

I’ve been retired right at a year now. Teaching was front and center of my life for the last 27 years. The heart of teaching for me was encouraging students to BE and DO their best. One of the things I enjoyed the most, especially in the last several years of my career, was writing class. Oh…not really the mechanics of writing, although I also enjoyed that. What I LOVED was teaching my students to LOVE to write!

It was exciting and, I’ll admit, almost like a dare to have students tell me that first day in writing class how much they hated writing! Vividly I can remember smiling sweetly and telling those students, “Give me a few weeks. I’ll help you change your mind!” Insert fifth-grade eye-rolls and exasperated sighs! Even more exciting was having those students light up a few weeks later when it was time for our writing class! But…the MOST exciting part was having those same students who hated to write BEG for more time to write, BARGAIN for extra time to share their writing, and BEAM with pride when they realized they had become writers!

So here I am. Reminiscing. Remembering. And finally, back to writing!

Ideas are flooding my mind. I have a lot to say! Hopefully, something I say will reach out of the screen and give you a laugh or a good cry or a simple something you need.

Much love,

Simply Cindy

2 thoughts on “A Love of Writing

  1. It is so true that many kids hate to write. I was teaching 8th grade in Argentina and English was not the first language of many of my students. I wanted the kids to write a story about their favorite toy when they were young and how that toy affected them. I had my favorite doll Sarah with me in Argentina so I wrote a story about her and I had Sarah on my desk while reading the story. I received some of the best stories ever. Sometimes you have to give them an example. I’m looking forward to your writing.

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    1. Absolutely! Many students simply have learned to believe that anything challenging isn’t worth the effort. Once they realize they CAN, it opens up a whole new world for them.


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