A Long Way from Back Then

The Lake…One of Our Happy Places

Doug and I found some time this week to get away to the lake for the first time this season. Spending time on the lake, whether fishing, riding, swimming, or just chilling, is a favorite for us. I’m sure he likes the fishing more than I do. I’m also sure I like the riding around more than he does! Regardless, this is a place where we can connect as best friends and as hubby/wife. Over the years we’ve found a happy give-and-give way to enjoy it all.


It wasn’t always an easy, happy thing to fish together. (It’s still not easy for Doug…)

Some background…I enjoy CATCHING fish. This is going to sound silly to many, but I do not touch the worms, minnows, or the fish I catch. I love being outdoors, but I am NOT outdoorsy. Growing up, my Daddy and Pap did all that for me. When Doug and I started fishing, he or one of our three boys would do it for me. I like it that way. In fact, if It came down to it and they stopped baiting the hook and/or taking the fish off the hook for me, I’d just go back to reading at the back of the boat. It wouldn’t upset me. I’d still enjoy the lake.

Back to our early fishing days…It was a rare occasion that Doug and I got away by ourselves to the lake. We had been fishing for some time that day, catching a lot of bluegill. We were in a favorite little cove. The pontoon was up against the bank. It was a steamy hot day. And it was about to get steamier…or more like steam was about to come out of Doug’s ears!

We were catching fish like crazy! Doug would catch his fish, re-bait if necessary, cast his line in the water. Then, he would do the same for me. We were catching them that quickly! After a bit of this, he began to lose his patience. I offered to go read. He told me not to since we were filling the cooler up with lots of fish.

Then, suddenly, he snapped! As he was getting ready to bait my hook AGAIN, I hear, “FISH! WORM! FISH! WORM!” Then, when one of his lines bobbed with evidence of a fish on it, the fishing rod (a new rod at that!) in his hand went flying…into the water. My mouth flew open in shock! His mouth flew open in shock! We can laugh about it now (and often do), but in that exact moment it wasn’t funny. And of course, I went to the back of the boat to read, while he “fished” the new rod and reel out of the water. We both stewed for a long time after that.

Lessons Learned…Memories Made

Fast forward to the present…back to our quick getaway to enjoy our first day on the lake this season.

We had a lot of fun, watched a beaver having a snack of a branch, caught a big bunch of fish, reminisced, and had a slight glitch in our system. The great thing about being married to your best friend for over thirty years, is that little glitches don’t cause big problems anymore.

He got a bit irritated with me. I went to read. A while later, I rejoined him to catch more fish. We even recounted the whole fish…worm…fish…worm memories while fishing in the same little cove. Of course, laughter followed. Lots of laughter!

Today, I’m thankful for the lessons learned and the memories made…then and now!

I hope you find reasons to laugh and enjoy life today!

Simply Cindy

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