Moments…Not Things…My Thoughts

Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy getting a bargain! My favorite places to shop are Ross and Burkes. For the last few years, I’ve shopped at both those stores almost weekly…sometimes more than once a week. I’ve also always desired to give my kids and grand-kids stuff. We (Doug and I) both have been guilty of over-extending ourselves to give to our family.

As a matter of fact, for years we gave our kids so much at Christmas that there was no way they could have truly enjoyed it all. I remember vividly feeling guilty…so guilty…when we switched to just giving four gifts to each of them when they were in high school. They were all fine with it. I, on the other hand, went into my bedroom and cried after that first Christmas when we gave the four gifts. But, I knew it was the better choice.

Looking back, when our now grown children talk about memories, it rarely includes stuff. It includes remembering times we spent laughing, learning, living life together!

Fast forward to becoming Poppy and GiGi and you’d find us slipping back into that desire to give things to our new treasures. That wasn’t so hard to do with two. When we were blessed with a total of five within less than three years, we once again had to make a decision to be more intentional with what we gave.

It’s not that we don’t buy them things. We do. However, again we want them to have moments to remember with each other, with the extended family, and with us. So, our focus is on how to create those memories that will stay with them even after they outgrow the toys.

So how do you do that? Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, it’s definitely not hard to make memories. However, we all need help with ideas sometimes!

Some things we’ve done that you may enjoy:

☺ Pick one day a week and have a big family meal every week or as often as possible. We do this on Sundays each week. Because of work schedules, we also try to have some of these on Saturdays so everyone can come.

☺ Play Hide and Seek together…everyone! We do this now and then with all of our adult kids and the grandchildren! Talk about fun! This could be any game!

☺ Grab the kids and take them on a surprise adventure! Some of our adventures have included going to the movies, taking a day to visit a park and play on a playground, and visiting an amusement park (Dinosaur World was a hit with our first two treasures!).

☺ Make/Create something together!

☺ Keep or renew old traditions!

☺ Start a NEW tradition!

What types of MOMENTS have you made with your family? Looking forward to hearing from you!

~Simply Cindy

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