Tuesday’s Top 5(ish) Summer Products!

Who likes lists? This girl! There is just something satisfying about making a list and checking things off. I also enjoy lists of tips, products, etc., so I decided to try my hand at a list of my TOP FIVEish SUMMER PRODUCTS.

{This list is just a list of things I love during the summer. I am not a paid sponsor for any of the products. However, I am a personal use Younique presenter.)

As you’ll soon see, I love Hawaiian Tropic products. This is the lotion I want after being in the pool or out on the boat. It feels great, and smells wonderful! It’s like summer in a bottle!

In my younger days…okay even last year…I didn’t care to shade my face from the sun so much. Now that I’m wiser (don’t laugh too hard), I choose to have some shade along with sunscreen to protect my face. This hat is from Embroidery by Jessica , a great friend, former colleague, and a new embroidery boss babe. It’s cute and comfy!

If you haven’t tried any of Younique’s EPIC MASCARAS, you are missing out! The regular epic is my everyday choice and is splash resistant. When I am going to be in the pool or the lake, I choose the Epic Waterproof! No smearing, no flaking, just long lashes all day!

I know, I know. There are two products here, but I’m counting it as one since I use them together. Younique’s BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is a great BB cream that gives you a moisturizer and tint of color. It’s a quick way to get out the door to soak up some rays. It is light coverage. I sometimes add a bit of Younique Touch Concealer when I want a tad more coverage. The Touch Behold SPF Finishing Powder is just what it says. It helps set your makeup AND provides 25 SPF protection for your face in powder form. Who wants sticky goopy sunscreen on their face? Not me!

The summer product that you will find in my lake bag, next to my bed, by the backdoor, on the deck, on the boat (you get the idea!) will have Hawaiian Tropic on it somewhere. For years, I used the Dark Tanning Oil. (Don’t fuss…I still do occasionally…it brings back so many fun summer memories.) My go to probably hardly counts for SPF, but I love the tanning lotion SPF 4. However, remember me saying I’m wiser just up above? Within the last few years I switched to the Silk Hydration Weightless sunscreen, especially if I’m going to be in the sun for long. It does not have a typical sunscreen feel to it, which is a big plus for me!

There they are! My top 5ish summer products! Now…I’m off to enjoy all these before the rain sets in tomorrow!

Have a sunny day!


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