Transformation Tuesday

Trim Healthy Mama (affectionately known as THM) is a set of books and a lifestyle/eating plan written by two sisters, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allision. It is Biblically based with science of how our bodies work to back it up. I read the original self-published monster of a book back in 2015. Since then, the sisters have published another plan book and a couple of cookbooks. Today I thought I’d share my journey from the last few years with the thread of THM woven through it.

[I should say that this is in no way a paid or otherwise endorsement. I’m just sharing my personal experience.]

In October 2015, I began my THM journey at 225 pounds. Overweight, tired, hurting, frustrated. Within the first 6-9 months, I had lost 50 pounds! Smaller and healthier than I had been in years. No longer hyper-focused on food, THM had truly become a lifestyle…or at least I thought it had.

Over the next two years, I lost and gained…lost and gained…the same 3-5 pounds. Frustration set in. I started getting advice to cut out dairy…cut out gluten…cut out ________, exercise more, change the exercise. That went against all I had learned because it certainly sounded and felt more like a diet. I knew in my heart of hearts that dieting was not the answer; but because I wanted to lose more weight, I tried some of the suggestions. NOTHING changed. I still lost and gained the same few pounds. 

Out of overwhelming sadness and fear of gaining back (silly since I had basically maintained the 50 pound weight loss), I gave up on THM and went back to the yo-yo dieting world. Trying several plans over the last year and a half or so, the same thing kept happening—I’d lose and regain. The problem was that these instances brought an extra pound or two with the gains. 

Most recently, I’ve been reading and studying and trying to practice intuitive/mindful eating. Since January, I have read SEVEN books about intuitive/mindful eating and giving up the dieting mindset. While reading, I was reminded that the Sisters often talked about eating mindfully…slowing down…enjoying our food…and it just hit me. THM was the ONLY lifestyle, way of eating and caring for my body, that worked and allowed me to lose AND maintain. Inflammation throughout my body decreased dramatically. While practicing THM principles I did not ache and hurt all the time. My skin was clear and healthy. I felt better physically than I had in years!

So here I am. Restarting. Refreshing. Recharging. Ready to once again feel better physically and emotionally.

Prayerfully I’m hoping that with THM I can lose the 12-15 pounds gained since giving up and maybe even a bit more. But most of all, I desire to lose again the hyper-focus/obsession on food/dieting in general and gain my health back.


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