We often tease that my husband’s birthday is June…like ALL of June. As I’ve thought about how we’ve celebrated his 50th birthday and the birthdays of three of our children over the last several weeks, it occurred to me that we should all be celebrating more! It doesn’t take a birthday to celebrate, although I’m all for a great birthday party!

The word celebrate means to acknowledge a person, a significant day, or an event with something special…maybe a social gathering or maybe a fun activity. I’m sure that the notion of celebrating is what prompted all the National _______ Days and such. So now I’m on a mission to find something to celebrate daily. Maybe it is just a celebration of catching up on laundry. Maybe we’ll celebrate our littlest little Jacob crawling. Maybe today we’ll get to celebrate a successful potty-training day. It could be anything or anyone. We don’t have to make a big party out of it, although we could.

As we celebrate, I’m sure our hearts will turn to thankfulness. I believe the more we tune our hearts to be thankful for the blessings around us, the more we notice those blessings even in the midst of trials.



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