Last night I heard that Louisville has not had a DRY week in nearly a year…49 weeks of at least some precipitation. Lately it seems that all it does here is rain. Most recently, those rains dump buckets of water that mess with people’s plans.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Come Again Another Day...

We’ve been conditioned most of our lives to think of rainy days as something to wish away.  Rain was something that got in the way of our plans. It messed things up for us. While, on the surface, I suppose it is true…rain can mess up plans for a picnic and can slow down travel and can even bring with it devastating floods…rain brings so much more than the down side of things that pop up in our minds. 

Rain brings new life.  It revives wilted life.  It washes away dirt and grime.  It refreshes when things get hot.

So what about when it “rains” or “storms” in our lives? Do those problems and trials serve a purpose? I’m sure they do, although we may never understand it on this side of eternity. God uses our darkest stormiest days to draw us into his SON-light. I’ve watched families drenched with the rains of sudden illness. I’ve witnessed friends soaked in the downpours from broken hearts over children’s choices. I’ve experienced first hand the feeling of drowning in the storm of worry. And in the moment… it’s hard to see past the rain.

But God! He promises us that He will works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him and are called by Him. Thankfully, He can and will use the rain to wash us, revive us, refresh us, and grow us. I know it’s not easy to praise when we are walking through the storms. But friend, it is ALWAYS right to praise God.


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