Just for Fun Friday!

I’ve challenged myself to write every week day to build my writing stamina and to help build this blog. When I taught writing to fifth graders, one of the first things we worked on was building stamina…learning to write for longer periods of time and learning to write daily. One of the next things we practiced was overcoming writer’s block…those times when you just can’t think of what to write about or the words just don’t want to flow to the paper (errr…screen). Today, I’m going back to what I taught my students. First, I will write today to continue to build it into a habit. Second, I’ll use my list of loves to find something to write about for today’s post.

I must say that since retiring last year I do not feel nearly as much stress as I did when teaching and running our household. It’s not that there aren’t still stresses in my life. We all know there are always things that can stress us. Now, I’ve found ways to de-stress that help bring peace back into my heart and mind. Finding things you enjoy goes a long way to adding peace to your life.

(Side note…the most peace-giving thing I can do is talk to God. Prayer has a way of melting away the worries of the world. The things below are secondary ways for calming my heart and mind. As a matter of fact, praying often accompanies crocheting and cooking…simple, quiet conversations with the One who cares for me most!)


The public library has become one of my favorite places! I used to spend a fortune on books. Amazon would email me when they missed me…or my money. 😉 Now, the library is my choice supplier of lots of different things to read. I almost always have 5 or 6 books checked out, stacked on my side table, waiting to be read. In January, I set a goal to read more! So far I’ve far exceeded what I thought I would read. Romance novels, historical fiction, memoirs, biographies, healthy lifestyle, family helps, cookbooks…I could go on and on. I personally enjoy mixing up what I read. I’m currently finishing a two-novel set by Francine Rivers called Marta’s Legacy. Next in my stack are two Dave Ramsy books about financial health.

I love to hear what other people are reading to give me ideas of what to read next! Share in the comments what you’re reading or a favorite book.


Last summer I started working to finally complete blankets for all our grand-treasures. Once that was complete, I started working on a new project plan. After one of my sons asked why he didn’t get a blanket, I set to work on making a five-year wedding anniversary blanket for him and his wife. That led to planning to make each of our kids and their spouses anniversary blankets. I’m now just about finished with the second one and will start the next one soon. In between big projects, I’ve loved making and sending baby blankets to some former students who have kept in touch with me and are now having babies! (Talk about feeling old! But blessed!) Crocheting gives my hands something to do that doesn’t take too much thought once I get a project started. The feeling when a project is finished and passed off to the person it was made for is wonderful.


Cooking was once my go-to for stress-release! I still love to cook when I can take my time and make a mess without the worry of getting everything on the table at a certain time or the mess cleaned up to make the kitchen usable again. Hopefully, I’ll get more time to create recipes in the future. For now, I enjoy trying out other people’s recipes. There’s not much better than serving something delicious I cooked to my family!

Oh My!

My hobbies are ever-changing and evolving into new or improved activities. Pinterest is my friend…usually! What do you do to release stress from your life? I’d love to hear from you!


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