A Year of Selfies

This week marks one year since I decided to join Younique (direct sells cosmetics company). I was introduced to their products indirectly through my sister and loved everything I tried. After realizing what I was spending and how much I was using, I decided to join the company as a hobby and for the discount!

My first Y selfie a year ago today

A little background about my history in direct sells. For those who know me, it’s no secret I love to support direct-sells small business ventures! I’ve had my share over the years, as well. From kitchen products to home to decor to bags to cosmetics, I’ve enjoyed the profit and discount of my direct-selling adventures. One of my businesses even helped me replace my teaching salary and drive free cars for a while. So when I joined Younique, I was not unaware of how things work.

But man! I was quickly blown away by this company! The discount/pay is great…and that is really why I am a presenter, but there is so much more to this company. I’m proud to be a part of a company with a mission and vision to UPLIFT, EMPOWER, AND VALIDATE women. The success stories are inspiring! The education offered and support given to presenters blows my mind! Of course, the products are what keeps me and others coming back.

What a year it has been! I’ve taken and posted more selfies than ever before. I still am not comfortable doing live videos, although I have done them. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks to get a finished look. I’ve helped others get their hands on this amazing cosmetics and skin care products.

I also have been reminded of a few things that I hadn’t though about for a few years. First, direct-sells of anything takes real work if you want to move up within the ranks of a company. I’m at a point in my life where that is not my current goal, but I get so excited for my colleagues that are putting in the work and effort and seeing amazing results as they move up! Second, friends and family make good customers, but typically that is not where you will get the most business. Finally, I still love a good discount! 😉


The one-year anniversary of my Y business finds me content with where I am…using top-of-the line skin-care and makeup at a fab discount, getting paid (within THREE HOURS of the sell) to share something I love, and not feeling the pressure to make it more than I want it to be right now.

Have a beautiful day!


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