THM Tuesday

A few weeks back, I wrote a post entitled Transformation Tuesday telling about my Trim Healthy Mama transformation and part of my journey to health. This truly is a journey for me–an act of traveling from one point to another. And man! It has had lots of twists and turns, mountains and valleys, and even a few large pot-holes along the way!

Even just over the course of the last month since that post, I’ve had a few of those ups and downs. That is normal. At least, I think it is. If you have lived in our diet culture, you know firsthand how doubts can creep into the best laid plans, how the next best diet catches your eye with renewed hopes of dropping pounds quickly, or how you sometimes just get tired of trying so hard. I’m pretty sure I experienced all of those in the last few weeks! 😮

It was when my love mentioned he was feeling yucky that it hit me. THM always helped BOTH of us feel better! Less bloat. Fewer aches and pains. Decreased cravings. So it was with that little push that I went about planning our journey to healthier using THM principles to guide us.

If you’re on THM…you get it!

Doug (my hubby) works weird shifts on a strange schedule. He takes his lunch…errr supper…well breakfast…his food to eat with him each day. Trying to keep his fuels separated was looking to be impossible, so I opted to do complete days in each fuel. Most days of the week are S (satisfying) meals; a couple days are E (energizing) meals. It’s just simpler for him to eat that way and easier for me to pack his food that way. I have also kept to that basic idea, but sometimes will add an E snack on an S day or vice-versa. This is different than any THM meal plan I’ve done in the past. So far, it’s working!

{Want to know more about Trim Healthy Mama? You can visit their website or look into their books!}

Something else that is different…I am choosing to NOT weigh myself for a while. One of the big things I’ve learned with THM is that often our bodies release inches before or even without releasing pounds. For me, the scale became a trigger on so many levels. I first learned this when studying intuitive/mindful eating. On days or weeks when the scale went down, I’d find myself wanting to celebrate…usually with food! WHYYYY? On days the scale went up, I’d feel defeated and turn to food to comfort me! Again…WHYYY? The solution for me for now is to just not get on the scale. Instead of using that to gauge how I’m doing, I’m using my clothes and how I feel. That number on the scale is just a number. It doesn’t define me. And it doesn’t determine my health/well-being. So for now, bye-bye scale!

Finally, I’m being conscious of the difference in giving myself (and Doug) grace (when I/we choose to go off-plan or accidentally go off-plan) and using that grace as an excuse to just not follow the plan. We are not purists by any stretch of the imagination. We also make some personal choices now and then that wouldn’t be considered part of the plan. That’s okay as long as it’s every now and then and not every meal or every day.

I must say, it feels pretty good to be a Trim Healthy Mama alongside my Trim Healthy Man!


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