Wait Time

In the education world “wait time” is once again a big buzz term. Sometimes when I read or hear more about using wait time effectively, it sounds as if the author thinks it is a new concept. It’s not. Effective teachers know the value of giving plenty of time after asking a question for students to think about the answer. Teachers also understand that if a student answers incorrectly, it is a perfect learning moment as long as that teacher doesn’t step in and just give the right answer or as long as another student doesn’t just blurt out the correct answer. It can go the other way, too. A student asks the teacher a question. Instead of giving the answer, s/he points the child toward a way to solve/answer it for himself and then waits. After years of mastering wait time in the classroom, it’s natural to use it with my grand-treasures. There is value in waiting!

This morning during my Bible study this concept of wait time hit me from a different angle. So often I ask God a question, even plead with Him for an answer, but He is silent. His silence could just be a way to tell me to wait! Or He could want me to listen patiently for Him to point me toward the answer. Other times, I’m sure, He is asking something of me. When I answer against His will or don’t answer at all, He waits. There are definitely lessons to be learned in the waiting.

Doug and I just read Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey. God has blessed us far more than we deserve over the course of our marriage, showing us grace and mercy over and over. We learned a lot of the lessons taught in the book many years ago the hard way. We desire to be more obedient with what God has given us. We want everything to be fixed or accumulated NOW! In our excitement and planning, we are READY for answers! Funny thing…God is taking our requests and questions and MAKING US WAIT! We have a lot to unlearn…habits to break…new habits to make. And our Father, in His infinite wisdom, is giving us WAIT TIME to really come to His Way…His answers…in His time.

When a student is given wait time, are they supposed to just sit there and do nothing?

{I’ll wait for you to answer. ;)}

Of course not! We want them thinking things through, manipulating the components until they fit correctly, figuring out a way to a solution. That’s what I think God is doing with us right now. Giving us time to seek His direction AND make changes that need to be made.

Maybe you are also in a time of waiting. Take courage! If you search the word WAIT in a Bible app or concordance, you will find many example of waiting on the Lord. Friend, there is value in the waiting!

So today, I’m thankful that my Lord is the ultimate TEACHER!


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