THM Tuesday–A Day in the Life

(Trim Healthy Mama is an eating plan that focuses on separating fuels with protein anchoring those meals/snacks. It is helping me continue to learn to eat to live instead of living to eat. Originally, a large self-published book by the two sisters. Now, they have written several other companion books/cookbooks. You can find them on and other book retailers. They also have website.)

I have followed THM principles off and on for nearly four years now! (Want to read more about my history with THM, you can read my previous THM posts.) Recently, after about a year of trying other diets to get the scale moving downward with little results, I decided it was time to go back to the eating plan that made me feel physically and mentally well. A bonus…my amazing husband said he’d jump in with me! THAT has made the transition back even easier than if it were just me.

We have been consistently eating the THM way now for about a month. We are not purists and most days we are not 100% on plan with a slip up here and there. Even so, my clothes fit better than they did a month ago. The bloat is gone! Eczema-type symptoms that were a continuous bother only on one hand have gone away. Since we are not weighing, I don’t know if either of us has actually lost pounds. For Doug, he just has never weighed very often. For me, I realized I sabotaged myself whether I lost or gained, so it’s best to step away from the scale for a while.

So what does a day of meals look like for me? This time around I decided to (for the most part) have a fuel of the day…so either fats or healthy carbs. The meals I’ll show you today are all satisfying fats type meals. I find them the easiest to start with and the easiest to come up with for variety. I love my energizing low carb meals, but tend to have only an average of six of those a week. Don’t forget…snacks are important, too. Stabilizing blood sugar is one of the many benefits of this way of eating and smart snacking can help that. For today, my focus is on the three main meals.

Here we go…a day of meals…THM style!

Breakfast: Eggs fried in about a teaspoon or two of real butter (provides protein and fat), cucumber slices, strawberries with BochaSweet sprinkled on top (seriously…this natural sweetener tastes just like sugar when used like this), and black coffee

This is a typical breakfast for me. I probably have this exact meal at least three times a week. Sometimes I add a few blueberries and even a squirt of whipped cream, but basically this is my go-to breakfast.

Lunch: I usually use leftovers from supper as my lunch. However, I typically use those leftovers in a different way than I had them the night before.

This is another satisfying fats meal. I used leftovers of Mexican Zucchini and Beef Skillet. It was so tasty! I filled a low carb tortilla with plenty of the scrumbtios zucchini and beef recipe, added a sprinkle of cheese, grilled it on my panini press, topped it with sour cream and cilantro. It was delicious and filling! In the tumbler? Passion fruit guava unsweetened tea.

(I have a confession…this picture is actually of part of my breakfast. BUT…the soup was our supper last night!)

Supper: This is my current favorite soup! If you are a THM or Keto or Low Carb follower, Carolyn Ketchum of All Day I Dream about Food blog has amazing recipes! This particular soup came from her book, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen. It is Spinach Artichoke SOUP! Yes soup! It’s chock full of wonderful veggies. It’s creamy yet not too heavy. I took her suggestion and added a bit of chicken to it to make it a full meal.

This soup is so delicious, I also had it for breakfast this morning. 😮 Crazy…I know! Soup for breakfast…but it really is THAT good!

There you have it! A day of satisfying fats meals. I didn’t include my snacks for the day…another post for another day. Let me know if you try any of these things or have ideas for more great THM meals!


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