Who You Are and Whose You Are

Years ago when our kids were in middle and high school, we heard a friend tell her son before he left to go out, “Remember who you are and whose you are!” That stuck with me…with us. After that day, we often used those same words with our kids and still do occasionally.

That phrase held two meanings…for us anyway:

  1. Remember your identity is rooted in Christ, and your life should reflect Him.
  2. Remember you are the child of Doug and Cindy, and your choices should demonstrate that.

Recently, that phrase has popped into my head several times, AND I ran across a similar phrase while reading. It was like God was calling after me as I walked out the door to go out…

“Cindy, remember who you are and whose you are!”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a lot of times I need that reminder! I get so caught up in who I am to everyone else…wife, Momma, GiGi, daughter, friend…that who I am in Christ takes a backseat to all those other roles. But really…all those other roles should reflect my identity as a Christ-follower.

The reminder that I have been bought with a very high price…the precious blood of Jesus and the fact that God lavished such amazing love on me that He calls me His daughter blows me away. Wow!

Today, I hope we all are growing in the light of who we are and whose we are, rooted in our identity in Christ.


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