Just for Fun Friday!

It is HOT.HOT.HOT. here in Kentucky! Our house starts out so cool in the mornings just to heat up like an oven by the evening. The AC is having trouble keeping up, so we are doing everything to try to keep cool. Lights out. Doors closed. Blinds and curtains pulled. Fans circulating air. And this…

THM Friendly Satisfying Iced Coffee!

Back a while ago, I discovered The Pioneer Woman’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate recipe she uses to make the “Perfect Iced Coffee.” Since then, you will often find a gallon of cold-brewed coffee in my refrigerator. It is so tasty! In the past, I would add sweetened condensed milk (GASP!!! I know…sinful!) to it. You can add ice cream to it and blend…amazing! There are so many options.

Since recommitting to THM, I needed a way to make it more on-plan, yet still delicious! For our current batch, my daughter and I decided to try flavored coffee grounds. We used a combination of a toasted coconut coffee and a caramel coffee for the cold brew. Oh. My. Goodness.!!! It is delicious as is…with nothing added to it! Granted, I now drink my coffee black without any sweeteners or creamers added. But still…it really is that good! You should try it!

On a whim, I decided to just add a splash or two of heavy cream to my glass of cold-brew. WoW! That bit of cream takes it from delicious to decadent! It’s a great satisfying treat!

First, make up a batch of cold-brew coffee! (Again, I use the recipe/method I linked above from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.)

Grab a big tall glass and fill it with ice…lots of ice!

Pour in the cold-brewed coffee…almost to the top…leave room for the cream.

Add a splash…or two…or three…of heavy cream. Stand back and watch in awe as the cream swirls through the coffee.

Add a straw and enjoy!

If you need an extra indulgent treat, yet still a personal choice on-plan dessert coffee…add a scoop or two of Halo Top Vanilla Ice-Cream and blend. Yum!

Stay cool!


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