THM Tuesday…Energizing Meals

(Trim Healthy Mama is an eating plan that focuses on separating fuels with protein anchoring those meals/snacks. It is helping me continue to learn to eat to live instead of living to eat. Originally, a large self-published book by the two sisters. Now, they have written several other companion books/cookbooks. You can find them on and other book retailers. They also have a website.)

I’ve shared with you that we have been alternating fuels each day. One full day would be Satisfying (fats) meals and snacks. Another full day would be Energizing (carbs) meals and snacks. I went that route to try to make packing Doug’s meals and snacks for his shift simpler. That way he doesn’t have to worry about whether he is having a crossover meal by eating too soon between fuels or such. It’s important to give our bodies BOTH kinds of fuels. God made our bodies to use both fats and carbs. Completely doing away with one or the other can throw our systems out of balance.

Satisfying meals are much simpler for me to throw together than Energizing meals. Not sure why…they just are. I have to be quite intentional to plan for carb-based meals. So what does a day of Energizing meals look like for us? Here ya go!

Breakfast: Sprouted toast cooked in a teaspoon of butter, egg whites seasoned with Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning, cantaloupe and cucumbers, black coffee

This is a great filling breakfast for me which is a plus for a carby meal.

Lunch: Sprouted bread with turkey breast and a teaspoon of Duke’s mayo (would have added tomato and lettuce but I didn’t have any), watermelon, sprouted pretzel shells (I love these! I get them on Amazon.)

Supper: I really need to go to the grocery. Until then, I’m making do with what we have in our pantry and freezer. The exact items in the picture are not all on plan because of ingredients. But the overall meal is an Energizing meal and could be made completely on plan easily.

Baked chopped barbecue chicken (choose a BBQ sauce with little to no added sugars or make your own) on sprouted bread with dill slices, green beans, watermelon, mashed sweet potatoes and carrots (I used a Bird’s Eye frozen side for this. It is NOT on plan because of added sugar. You could easily just have a sweet potato or carrots.)

For snacks on E days, I find it difficult to anchor them with protein unless I make cookies or bars or something that have whey protein or collagen added to them. You can find lots of options in either of the THM cookbooks and online.

Now that I’ve shown you a full Energizing day, I have a confession. I’m going to have to rethink the full carb meal days. I have no issue with feeling hungry on full fat meal days. But goodness! I find I want to graze on the Energizing meals days. When I graze, it is not good! So, I’m going to switch things up from now on. I’ll have an Energizing breakfast and then Satisfying lunch and supper. Or I’ll throw in an Energizing lunch or snack. I try to get in six to seven carby meals a week. So instead of doing that on just two days, I’ll sprinkle them throughout the week. I will probably still pack all one fuel for Doug’s work food just to keep it simple for my sweetie!

If I could give one piece of advice to a new THM’er, it would be just that! KEEP IT SIMPLE! This plan can feel overwhelming when just starting out. But really…it’s not a difficult way to plan and eat. Make it work for you! Tweak your meal plans as needed to find your sweet spot!


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