What’re You Reading?

This has been a year of reading for me! Since retiring, I have rediscovered my joy of reading just for fun. From biographies and memoirs to historical and romantic fiction to nutrition and finance non-fiction…my reading choices have been of quite a random variety since January. I started the year purchasing books off Amazon as I’ve done for years. That got to be money-taking and space-taking! It was then that I reignited my love of the public library!

Now, you’ll find me at the library every few weeks with stacks of books for me and some for the grand-treasures, too. I could spend hours just browsing. The clerks often have a book on hold for me to pick up. Sometimes I end up with so many books at once that I have to renew a few just to get them all read.

Currently, I’m reading a wonderful three-book series called Out from Egypt by Connilyn Cossette. I finished book two yesterday and am ready to start book three today. This series takes Biblical events and tells a fictional story based on that era/events. I have developed a fascination with this type of novel. It immerses you into Bible times and lets you get up close to how life would’ve been then. Since this is the last book in this particular series, I’m already on the lookout for another series or book of this genre.

So what are you reading? Comment below to give me your suggestions! I love getting recommendations from others on what to read!


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