Motherhood: The Momentous, the Miraculous, and the Mundane

If you’ve been in church at Christmastime, I’m sure you’ve heard the word “ponder” from Luke 2:19. I’ve heard it in that context for years! It wasn’t until about six years ago that I really thought about that word.

I had just started at my new school with new colleagues. Learning the ways of a new school, re-learning the best methods for teaching fifth grade (I had been teaching second grade before the move), and meeting new people that would become dear friends. Early in the year, I was sitting with my team, our principal, and our curriculum coach (CC) in a PLC (professional learning community a.k.a. team) meeting. I don’t remember exactly what we were discussing, but I do remember the CC saying something to the effect of…

I’ll need to ponder on that.

From that day forward, I heard her use the word often. She made it a habit to think deeply and carefully about whatever problem she was working to solve or situation she was facing. We all teased her about her pondering from time to time. Sometimes, we’d even say it for her! But goodness! How wise she was! She didn’t just ponder the hard things; she pondered on anything that impacted her…and our…work with children and each other. What a gift! She brought new meaning to the word for me.

Recently, I started a study of the gospel of Luke. It is a familiar book, and chapter two is a particularly familiar chapter as it is the account of Jesus’ birth and childhood. As I’ve read over the chapter several times, verse 19 always catches my attention.

Mary was a young mother who had certainly experienced extraordinary events over that last nine months to a year. She had just delivered the Savior of the world…in basically a barn. Shepherds showed up after they had also experienced an amazing announcement via some angels. I’m sure there was crazy excitement in the air. Yet, she didn’t get caught up in all that. Instead, she held all of it close to her heart and thought carefully about each moment. In the years to come after that, those treasured thoughts surely brought her joy and comfort.

It got me to thinking about my own motherhood. When my kids were small, I didn’t often make time to treasure each little thing about each one of them. I loved them deeply. And sure, I got excited with each milestone. But instead of treasuring…keeping…and pondering… all the momentous, miraculous, and even the mundane, I often wished for the next stage. I’m sure you’ve been there.

  • I can’t wait until she can walk!
  • I wish he could just TELL me what he wants.
  • When they start school, I’ll _________.
  • Man, it’ll be nice to have some peace and quiet around here.

Now, in hindsight, there are times I wish I could go back. Take in every tiny thing about each of my four gifts. Really treasure the times we had at home with them. And as a GiGi, I’m finding more and more pleasure in just soaking in each tiny little thing our treasures do and say. Sitting with them or near them…just watching and listening. Thinking carefully about and praying for each of them often.

Whether you are a new mommy, a mom of toddlers or teenagers, or a grandmother of treasures, I challenge you to treasure the moments. Think deeply. Ponder the momentous, the miraculous, and the mundane.


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