The Sugar Battle

For most of my adult life (probably before that), sugar has been a daily staple in my life. For years I drank soft drinks like I should have been drinking water. Eight glasses of water? Ha! What about eight to ten glasses of Pepsi or Coke? During that time, I probably never drank a glass of water. Vegetables? Sure…as long as you count corn and potatoes as vegetables. Add to that, consistently devouring chips and cookies and fixing corn and mac ‘n cheese at most meals, my system was messed up from all the sugar. Whether direct consumption or starchy foods turning to sugar once I ate it, my body craved it.

When THM entered my life nearly four years ago, I went through serious sugar withdrawals. (I should add that, by this time, I no longer depended on soft drinks as my only hydration. I still had a soft drink often, but I didn’t consume all my liquids as soft drinks.) Because of my draw to sugar and carbs, I mostly had fatty satisfying meals when I first started. Some know the crazy awful sick feeling of sugar withdrawal as Keto flu. This often happens when your body adjusts to getting all that sugar out of your system. It is real! I remember aching all over, fighting exhaustion, and generally feeling sick! THMers on the Facebook page assured me and many others that it would pass. Thankfully, it did!

Then, I started noticing things that I hadn’t experienced in a while.

  • Sleeping through the night; less insomnia
  • My joints did not hurt nearly as bad.
  • I was having fewer migraines.
  • I did not have the bladder issues I had always attributed to my pregnancies.
  • I could think more clearly.
  • Dull stomach aches were no longer a constant.

I’m sure there were many more benefits, but those were the biggies for me!

After those first couple of years as a trim healthy mama, I could tell if I slipped up and had sugar and such. I just felt better following the THM principles! Now, I’m the first to admit that I am not a purist and I do not claim to never have sugar or non-THM foods. I just work to have mostly THM type foods and meals these days.


This past weekend…

Anxiety got the best of me…

I fell into an old habit…

Eating my feelings…

No explanation except I get that way from time to time. I have been battling some anxiety over the last couple of months, working to take my thoughts captive and speak truth to myself.

But starting Saturday…

I gave in. (Notice I didn’t say gave up!)

Within about three hours time, I had BBQ chips, a Pepsi, and a huge bowl of sugary cereal. Now compared to my former ways, that’s not a lot. But now it was a whole lot!

Within an hour or two, my body was reacting! Dull stomach ache, insides grumbling, edgy, my mind went into a crazy tail-spin. I could feel my moods swinging. I went from having some of the best sleep I’ve had in the last year earlier in the week to nearly no sleep. I probably had a total of four hours of sleep. My brain would not shut down. Indigestion made it difficult to rest. The next morning, the consequences continued. Hips, knees, shoulders, hands all hurt! Abdomen bloated. Food just sounded awful.

You’d think that would have been enough to get me back on track. Instead, I just did not plan well and ended up continuing the off-plan choices…even though not as extreme as the night before.

Thankfully, I can now recognize this type of thing and realize that sugar and its cohorts hurt me. Monday was a reset day. While I still felt the effects of the prior two days, I pushed through the yuck and stuck with simple on-plan options throughout the day. One of the things I’m working on is letting go of guilt…giving myself grace instead of using this type of thing as an excuse to quit. This wasn’t the first time I slipped into fueling my body with things that don’t bring health, and I’m sure, it won’t be the last. However, those times are much more spread out than they once were. That’s a win! Being able to own it and pick right back up with eating for my health is another win!

Results after just a few months following THM!

Where are you?

  • Faithfully fueling your body with health-giving foods? Awesome! Keep it up! Encourage someone who is struggling.
  • Fueling your body with health-giving foods most of the time? Great! Today, instead of two on-plan (whatever your plan is) meals, make it three. Baby-step your way to healthy success.
  • In a funk? Given up? Don’t! Speak truth to yourself! Seek out someone to help you, encourage you, and hold you accountable. You can do it! Give yourself grace…but don’t let that become just giving yourself excuses to not work to get healthy.
  • Haven’t started? Today’s a great day to begin! Start with one meal. Make one small change. Again, baby steps are still steps!

I’m cheering you on from here!


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