Linky’s Extinct-ies

If you’ve been around here and read past posts, you’ve met our awesome Arbor through his mommy’s post about his birth diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Arbor is our third of five grand-treasures. He brings so much love and laughter to our family. Just ask any of his great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins about him. They’ll tell you he is a pretty big deal around these parts! ♥

Each year in late summer, Down Syndrome of Louisville (DSL) hosts a Steps to Independence Walk (actually there is a run, too…but ummm we don’t run) to raise funds for their many programs. Arbor’s big family gets together for this and we walk in honor of him! DSL provides many services and programs for people with Down Syndrome and their families. Arbor has and will continue to benefit from their services. We are thankful to have a wonderful, active organization working and advocating on behalf of individuals and families.

For each walk, Cody and Stephanie create our team based on a theme. This will be our third DSL Steps to Independence Walk. This year, our team theme is dinosaurs, thus the team name…Linky’s Extinct-ies. We want kindness to be the norm and fear/hate/disregard to become extinct!

Our second DSL Steps to Independence Walk 2018

Arbor and his team have already exceeded the first goal of raising $500. AND today we exceeded the second goal of $700! I have no doubt we can hit $1,000 or even more! You can help! Just click the link below to donate to our team. All proceeds go to Down Syndrome of Louisville to continue to offer their amazing programs and services. Thank you for helping us honor our awesome Arbor!

Linky’s Extinct-ies Team Page

Much love,


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