A Look Back at July

July is typically not a busy month for our family, since Doug typically would have been working shutdown hours for most of the month. This year that schedule was different so our July looked a bit different. We had a couple celebrations, started working on a new thing or two, and generally had a good month.

Since reading and learning about Mini Habits, I’ve started each month with a set of mini-habits/goals to work on building into my life. I track those habits on a desk calendar each day. I’ve basically kept the same mini-habit goals for about three months now. For August, I am looking to change things up a bit.

I’m pleased with my progress toward creating habits this month.

  • I read at least two pages a day 29 out of 31 days. Most days, I read much more than two pages, which allowed me to read SIX books!
  • The more you laugh…well the more you laugh! Not one time did I have to look up videos to make myself laugh! 😀
  • I wrote every weekday except one. We had a funeral that day and writing was not my top priority.
  • Overall, I got at least one serving of fruits and one serving of veggies in each day. (Being back on THM fully helped with that!)
  • Refilling my large tumbler with water or unsweetened tea multiple times a day is just something I do now.
  • I walked at least 11,500 steps every day with the exception of one day when I had extreme vertigo. It was kind of hard to even sit up, let alone walk around.

Besides reading at least four books, I challenged myself to finish one crochet project and start one more crochet project. I was actually able to finish two and start two. Well…actually I started three because one was a D I S A S T E R, so I had to pull it all apart and start over. Brooke and Blake received their fifth wedding anniversary blanket and a former student got a new blankie for her sweet baby girl. (Yep…I’m sure you can pick out which one I pulled apart. :/ The colors worked in my basket, but so did not work in a blanket.)

I had also given myself the challenge to send one hand-written card a week. 😦 I didn’t. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even send one, unless you count a birthday card in a gift. To make this happen, I need to go ahead and get cards to have on hand. Each time I would think about sending a card out, I didn’t have one. Even with the greatest of intentions to go get one, my slippery mind would forget.

As far as mini-habits/goals/challenges, I’m fairly happy with my July results. I’ll spend some time today planning my August goals.

July also found Doug and I starting some new renewed things as a couple.

You already read that we are working to follow THM principles to increase our health and possibly lose some weight. Neither of us have stepped on a scale, but we can see the results through our faces and the way our clothes fit. Even greater than that is how we physically feel! Less bloating, less aches, sleeping better. While we have our off-plan meals (or days), we gladly get right back on track simply because our bodies react better to separating fuels.

The other thing we committed to working on is our finances. My retirement certainly changed our spending habits. Anyone that knows us knows that I love to shop (especially at Ross) and Doug likes his toys. With that in mind, we desire to move to debt-free living. We read Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey together. I read Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup. We are really just beginning, and there have been times this past month that we both were ready to just say forget it! We want to be better stewards with what God gives to us. Working to change spending habits and spend less has been quite the eye-opener. And I must say, Satan has sure been working against us through it all. I’m thankful that, try as he might, he really has no power over us. As much as we’ve felt that battle, we still know this is what we need to do. God is in our plan to live debt-free. With his help, we will get there. Baby steps. Slow and steady. Eventually, we will get there!

At the end of the month, even with challenges and bouts of anxiety, I can peacefully claim…

Isn’t this gorgeous?! Brooke did it for me on our kitchen chalkboard. ♥


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