THM…a few favorites

As with any eating plan, there are certain products that make it easier. My “favorites” change often. Maybe I shouldn’t call them faves. Most useful at the moment? Faves that save me in the moment? Whatever I call them, these are a few of the products that I’ve found to help me stay on plan.

When it comes to sweeteners, I’ve tried A LOT! I learned long before there was science to back it up, that artificial sweeteners like aspartame and the such triggered migraines, caused my brain to function in a fog, and made me want more of whatever it was in. So when I came across THM and their stance on sweeteners, I celebrated! First up in my faves for this week…two sweeteners.


Made from kobocha (claimed superfood), this truly tastes just like sugar to me. I use it on things that I don’t cook. Sprinkled on strawberries. Cinnamon sugar topping on muffins. Sprinkled on anything you would sprinkle sugar on. I have only tried it in baking a couple times. (It is on the expensive side, but the price has seemed to come down some since I first discovered it.) When I’ve used it in cookies, it seems to melt and change the consistency. I won’t give up though. I want to find recipes others have tested with it.

Swerve Brown

I have used Swerve granular, Swerve confectioners, and now Swerve brown. I like all for different purposes. However, this brown sugar substitute has taken my baking up a notch! It measures just like brown sugar. It even packs! I’ve used this in several recipes recently, and it has not disappointed! This will definitely be a staple in my pantry from now on.

Next up…Snacks…

Snacks or snacky-type foods are important for me. I try not to graze like I once did. But there are times, I still need to have something that truly feels like a snack. These are two “chip” like products that I use regularly.

Mac’s Pork Skins

I have never been a fan of what we grew up calling pork rinds. They were either way too salty or way too tasteless. In an effort to find something to have like chips in a Satisfying meal or snack, I tried this brand from Walmart. We found a winner! There are different flavors. My favorite is this one…Salt and Pepper. Crunchy. Seasoned well. Versatile! Whether used as chips or crushed as a topping on casseroles, they do the job! I’ve also heard of others using them as a breading on things. I’ll try that soon.

Unique Sprouted Pretzel Shells

So much better than a pretzel, these are a staple for us when we have an Energizing lunch or snack. I tried the sprouted pretzels made by the same company a few years back. I liked them, but they were a little hard…too crunchy…for my taste. Then, I found these! Oh my! Game changer for me! Light. Crisp. Delicious! I get these by the case on Amazon.

If you are a trim healthy mama or man, what are some things you keep on hand that make the plan simpler for you? I’d love to hear from you!


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