THM Tuesday…Breakfast Treats

When I say breakfast treats I mean treats. 😉 These were probably meant to be used for breakfast. Muffins…oatmeal…they sound like breakfast. I, however, prefer savory to sweet in the mornings. So these are more snack-like to me. If I decide to have one for breakfast, it will be alongside an egg for a satisfying meal or egg whites for an energizing meal. That’s one thing I think each person has to figure out with any eating plan…how to make it work for you!

As I’ve written before, I’m loving Carolyn Ketchum’s Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen cookbook! Her recipes fit perfectly into the Satisfying meals category. I’m trying at least one of her recipes each week. So far, they haven’t disappointed! These first two treats are from that cookbook. (If you want these recipes, you’ll find them in her book.)

First up, Apple Cider Donut Bites. They taste as good as they sound! They are bite size donut hole type bites rolled in butter, cinnamon, and sweetener. Oh. My. They are delicious! I used Swerve brown for the actual donut bites. I used BochaSweet for the “sugar” coating. I ended up using more of the “coating” ingredients to get the every donut coated thoroughly. Did I tell you how delicious they were? Perfect on their own with a cup of coffee since they have added whey protein powder to up the protein content. I also enjoyed them with a medium well egg one morning.

Next, another recipe from the same book: Chocolate Pecan Pie Muffins! Yes, they are as amazing as they sound. My daughter actually said these may be her favorite THM treat ever! They are a cross between pecan pie, chocolate chip cookies, and a muffin. This is a dense muffin that does not rise. They hold together wonderfully! I used sugar-free chocolate chips. (There are more and more choices for these. I typically either use Lily’s or THM’s chocolate chips.) I did not have yacon syrup, so I used just a bit of molasses. Again, I enjoyed these as a snack/treat. Superb with a cup of coffee!

Finally, a “treat” that I do use for breakfast on days I need an Energizing meal. I found this on Pinterest and have made it several times since. This Cinnamon Apple Baked Oatmeal from Nora at The Wholesome Recipe Box blog is a hit! It’s not too sweet, but sweet enough. The first time I made it I chopped the apples in small cubes. It was good, but the chunks were a little big for my taste. The second time, I used a hand chopper to make the pieces smaller. I preferred the smaller chunks. I double the recipe to make sure I have plenty for the family and some leftover. This has become a staple for me. Drizzled with a bit of sugar-free maple syrup (or the real stuff if you want to go a tad off-plan), this is comfort food!

If you’re new to THM baking, it can take some adjusting and getting used to. For me, I tend to decrease the amount of sweetener, since sweeteners can sometimes be overly sweet. I also find that I need to play around with different sweetener choices in different recipes. Happy baking!


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