THM Tuesday: Mixing it up!

The meal planning of last week has definitely been helpful! We’ve had wonderfully delicious on-plan foods each evening that everyone has enjoyed. I felt so great about my choices throughout the day and into suppertime! Then, evening would hit! I seemed to lose my focus every evening for several in a row. From goldfish to cereal, I spent those evening trying to find something to hit the spot, yet never really feeling satisfied with my choices.

What do you do when you hit that wall? Well I don’t know about you, but I hit up Pinterest with a vengeance. Pinterest can be a great tool for finding on-plan alternatives and ideas. (Caution: If doing THM, make sure to check the ingredients so to make sure it’s really on-plan.)

I came across two things that have certainly hit the spot for my snacking needs this week: an idea and a recipe!

First up, the idea! Zucchini Chips! The local farm stand has had an abundance of zucchini! I’ve done my part to help him get rid of them. 😉 We’ve had an Oster Dehydrator for many years now, though I’ve never personally used it until this week. Up to this point, it had only been used for deer jerky. However, after looking over several recipes for zucchini chips, I decided it was time for me to dig it out of the bottom back of the pantry shelves!

I mixed a packet of dry Italian dressing mix, a bit of onion powder, a bit of garlic powder, and a tad of salt in a large ziploc baggie. After slicing the fresh zucchini with the thinnest setting on my mandolin slicer, I tossed them in the dry seasoning mix until coated. Once they were placed on the four dehydrator trays, it was a waiting game. Nearly 24 hours later, we had tasty, crisp zucchini chips! They were so good, we immediately made another batch! That once forgotten dehydrator has had a workout for the last 48 hours!

NOTE: Next time, I’m going to use less seasonings. Maybe just a bit of salt and pepper. Maybe just the Italian dressing mix. Maybe ranch dressing mix. Anyway…a bit less. They were great, but I think a more subtle flavor would make them even better!

As our little princess Charlie would say…Ta-Da!!! A delicious fuel-pull (neither fatty or carby) snack or side!

These are so good I even had them with my breakfast!

Next up, the recipe! I have tried LOTS of baked goods that are on-plan for THM! I’ve shared a few with you that I’ve enjoyed. But this one takes the cake…or the cookie…well the blondie! Wow! Just WOW!

This recipe is from Carolyn Ketchum of All Day I Dream about Food blog AND the author of the cookbook I’ve shared with you before, The Everyday Keto Kitchen. She really knows her stuff! When I came across her recipe for Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies, I knew I had to try them! Oh. My. Goodness. They do not disappoint! The browned butter brings out a flavor that is so decadent and rich, yet they aren’t overly sweet. As you know, her recipes follow the Keto style of eating so this recipe falls under the Satisfying fats of THM.

I don’t say this lightly…

These are hands down the BEST on-plan THM treat I’ve ever made! The. Best. Ever. (or so far!) You really should try them! Gluten free. Sugar free. So simple to make. And did I tell you how unbelievably delicious they are?

Last night for my evening snack, I had one of these blondies with about a 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Halo Top Vanilla Ice-Cream and some chopped nuts on top. My mouth waters just typing that! Then, I refrigerated the rest of them. This morning, I tried a small piece before breakfast. If it’s possible, and I’m not sure it is, they were even better today! Seriously…run to your kitchen and make these even if you are not THM or Keto minded. They are THAT good!

Happy snacking!


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