Motherhood Monday: Encouraging Each Other

Being a mother is both one of the most rewarding and most challenging roles for women around the world. It has many mountaintop moments where you feel on top of the world. Yet, it also has many valleys where you wonder how you’ll make it through. As a mom of four children with just three years between them, I had my share of both as we raised our kids. But today’s moms deal with both the highs and lows in a very different setting than I did…and even far more different than my own mother did. Today’s social-media saturated world brings a new dimension to motherhood. Added to that is the fact that (probably more so today than any other time) many grandmothers find themselves put back into the role of mother to grandchildren. Plus, the sense of real life community once felt by moms seems to be lacking.

I hope, as women, we have a goal to lift each other up, to encourage one another. Sometimes all it takes to brighten a mom’s day is to simply tell her that you see her! But I believe that there is so much more we can do to stir each other up to be the mothers we’ve been called to be. In this world of social media comparison, it is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling less than…of seeing all we do wrong…or thinking we aren’t doing enough. Let’s work together to help turn those things around for the good of our children, our families, and ourselves!

So what can we do? Below is a list of a few of my ideas! Have other ideas? Please, please, please, share them in the comments! If you try one of these ideas or your own, come back and tell us about it in the comments!

  • Pray for specific mothers you know. Pray about specific needs that you know are in their lives and in their children’s lives. Then, let them know you are praying for them!
  • Send them a hand-written card of encouragement!
  • Call to check in with them. Then, LISTEN!
  • Offer to babysit for a few hours.
  • Make a meal for their family. This is often done for new mothers, but who says seasoned mothers don’t need this, too? Are you too stretched to make an extra meal all by yourself? That’s okay…see if you can get a few moms to help. One can make the entree, others can make sides, and one can make dessert! Or if that’s not an option, just throw on a big pot of your favorite soup.
  • Plan a fun project or event for several mothers to do together. Have a Pinterest night or meet at the local coffee shop to just chill.
  • Text them funny Mom pics! Your kid spilled flour all over the kitchen? Look what mine did!
  • Remind moms that each phase is temporary, some lasting longer than others.
  • Encourage moms to enjoy the little moments! They pass away all too quickly.
  • And in this social-media world…like their pics of their babies, comment on their mom posts, send a message of encouragement if you see they’re struggling.
This verse is written as instructions to believers and the church, but it certainly fits how we should help each other as mothers.

Remember, ALL moms in all stages need encouragement! This isn’t just for new moms or moms with new babies, although they certainly need an extra dose of love. Don’t forget the moms of middle schoolers!!! (Please don’t forget them! Those were some hard years around our house!) Keep in mind the moms of children transitioning into adulthood (heading off to college or the military or work). What about the ones with children planning weddings? And probably the least encouraged group…don’t forget the moms of all adult children. There are so many phases and stages! Let’s commit to helping each other through them all!

I look forward to hearing from YOU…your ideas and things you’ve tried!


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