THM Tuesday: A Tale of Two Recipes

August found me in an experimental cooking mode. I tried several new recipes, tweaked a couple of comfort-food favorites, and revisited some tried and true go-to meals. In the course of my experimenting, most were hits with me and the fam! A couple left a little to be desired. That doesn’t mean I won’t try them again. It simply means I’ll try them with some changes.

First up is a THM Satisfying/Keto recipe that I found on Pinterest. It is from Officially Gluten Free blog…Keto Beef Taquitos. (Random musing of Cindy: Say Keto Taquitos…out loud! It’s fun!) The picture on Pinterest is what caught my attention. Taquitos! And on-plan! Wow! I had to substitute monterey jack cheese for the cheddar because my cheddar had disappeared. 😉 That substitution “worked” but messed with the end result as far as taste goes. Or at least that’s what I suspect. We all liked them, but there were a couple things I’ll tweak the next time I make them.

Of course, I’ll make sure I have cheddar cheese. I think this would help with the taste PLUS the look. The only other thing I’d change is adding more spice to the beef mixture. Also, I made them as an entree. They are a bit heavy for a main dish. So, next time they’ll be an appetizer or snack type choice. One word of caution: be careful when rolling the cheese shells! They are hot even once you let them cool for a couple minutes!

Next up is a coffee concoction I made in a pinch.

A little backstory: I love fall…all things fall. I especially enjoy pumpkin spice lattes. This past weekend, I had decided that I would indulge and buy the pumpkin spice creamer when I got groceries to use as a now-and-then treat. On the way to pick up my groceries, I thought I’d just really splurge and have one of the “real” things while I waited for my groceries to be brought to the car. (I know! So completely not on plan!) Anyway, I drove up to the ever popular coffee spot and the drive-thru line had probably twenty cars in it. Sign number one: I didn’t need the real thing after all! Then, I pulled into my spot to wait for my grocery order, pulled up the email with substitutions and out-of-stocks. Right there…staring me in the face…OUT OF STOCK! Sign number two: I also didn’t need the chemical laden creamer!

Do you ever just get a craving in your head and can’t get it out? That’s what this was! When I got home, after lamenting to Doug and Brooke my sad sad pumpkin spice story, I set to work to make one.

I used espresso brew coffee to make my typical cup of caffeinated goodness! I then whipped 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream with pumpkin spice extract/flavor and a couple teaspoons of BochaSweet sweetener. (Next time, I’m going to try it with Swerve brown.) I poured the cream mixture into my coffee. Then, I topped it with about two tablespoons of whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg on top.

It was good! The kicker was when I compared the calories in the real thing and my creation. (Note: THM is not about counting calories. However, I find that some calorie consciousness helps me stay on track.) (Also note, this had no protein in it, which technically is what should anchor all THM snacks and meals. I could probably add some collagen powder to it, but I didn’t.)

Even with a hefty amount of heavy cream, this beauty still comes in at less than half the calories!

Now, I’m sure you realize it doesn’t taste like the real thing. However, it was a great substitute. I’ll definitely make it again.

Happy September, folks! Which to me translates to…It’s almost fall, y’all!


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