Falling into September!

When I turn the calendar over from August to September, my mind automatically turns to fall. There is just something about autumn that stirs my soul! I enjoy all the seasons, really. A snowy winters! Fresh barely-warm sunny springs! Hot steamy summers! There’s something about each season that I like, but fall is by far my favorite season overall.

As my heart and mind started thinking of all things fall, I got this itch to deep clean my house. Instead of spring cleaning, I typically do fall cleaning. I think this also had to do with rediscovering where I want to focus my time and effort recently. I set out to make a cleaning checklist for myself only to realize I wanted something cuter than what I would make. 😀 There are TONS of options out there for housekeeping checklists and cleaning list templates. TONS! I settled on one I found on Etsy that I could edit to make sure what I wanted was on my list. (THIS is the one I purchased.) It is perfect for what I wanted.

Over this week, I’ve prepared my home for the season. I’ve deep cleaned every room in our living area of the house. (As I’ve said before, we currently have my parents and my daughter and her family living with us.) From taking down curtains and fluffing them in the dryer to cleaning windows to scrubbing baseboards, the house has gotten a once-over like it hadn’t seen in a while. There is just something so refreshing about digging in and cleaning and then enjoying that really deep clean feeling once it’s done. Do I even need to tell you how satisfying it is to check items off the cleaning checklist?!

A trip to Ross was in order for updating my summer scented candles to fall scented candles. (Okay…I really could use fall scented candles all year….sometimes I do…don’t judge me.) Then, it was time to pull out some of my fall decor. As I took in the sights and smells from the newly decorated table, I caught sight of my very springy/summery curtains. That led to a hunt for different curtains which ended on Amazon. Now, I need to pull out the rest of my decorations and decide what to use and what to either put away or get rid of for both inside and outside our house. Maybe I’ll get to that this weekend?

What about you? Do you change up your home for the changing of seasons? I really don’t do it up nearly as much as I once did. But this year, for some reason, I’m feeling like a festive fall! So excuse me while I grab a pumpkin spice coffee to savor while I browse Pinterest for some other fun fall ideas!


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